Asana sessions

Feel good in your body. Strengthen your body, reduce stress, improve concentration. Try yoga. Before work, after work or during lunch. Group or individual classes. Yoga is for everyone – regardless of age and physical fitness. My sessions are always tailored to the abilities of the practitioners and allow you to experience all the benefits of yoga practice.

Breath practices

Based on traditional yoga breathing techniques and modern methods of stress reduction through breath work, I offer breathing practice sessions. They have a positive effect on the respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems and help calm the mind and relieve tension.

Yoga retreates

I offer special yoga sessions during company trips, brainstorming sessions, department meetings and managerial training. Relaxing, therapeutic or strengthening sessions that allow you to look at business challenges with a fresh eye. I also organize yoga trips for groups.

I have experience and expertise

I was lucky to learn from many excellent teachers and take part in workshops and courses conducted by, among others: Richard Freeman, John Scott, Petri Räisänen. I deepened the secrets of Ashtanga yoga practice during Manju Jois’ teacher training. I attended anatomy workshops led by David Keil and Stu Girling. I completed a spine yoga course taught by Bernie Clark and Dr. Stuart McGill. I am a certified 200RYT Yoga Alliance teacher.

Not only asanas

My passion is yoga breathing techniques and breathing work to reduce stress. I am a certified teacher of prāṇāyāma (yoga breathing techniques) in the tradition of Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, where my teacher is Sudhir Tiwari.



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